Egypt and the presidential mandate

Things are looking a little dim in Egypt. I feel, however, that a big chunk of the story is missing: what was Morsi’s impetus for pushing to grant himself almost unlimited power, like Thanos and the infinity gauntlet? If the ‘muslim brotherhood’ is behind this move, as is assumed, why would they want one man to yeild so much of their government’s muscle? This doesn’t simply seem like an ego move; that Morsi is simply just a sociopath who is drunk with assuming the presidency following Egypt’s recent turmoil. There seems to be something else going on.   I smell a lot of propaganda. Or maybe Morsi’s government feels that it is legitimately fighting back against western interference in its affairs.        This guy articulates the obvious paralell between Obama and Morsi with much less objectivity than I’m capable. But what’s executive privelage, anyway?    And if a leader truly believes that he is defending his nation’s ‘constitutional’ laws by breaking those laws, is that okay?    It’s the ol: ‘this is gonna hurt me more than it’s gonna hurt you.’  Well, not really. The Presidential mandate is more like, A-Rod giving girls his number when he’s benched in the playoffs: he finally felt licenced to be himself—but never hid his true personality too well before, anyway.    But the Morsi case seems different. Something smells fishy/planned/set/calculated about it.                Like scarface said, Them cats is smart.

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