Big Media/Social Media Dialectic

     As the GOP has to now ‘reinvent’ itself, so does big media. The NY Times is laying off reporters, which isn’t surprising. FOX news has become increasingly totalitarian in response to, what may be, the end of their lifespan in a few years.  Unlike Daniel Burrus, however, I don’t believe that old/big media platforms will be able to synthesize with technology and new innovations to compete with new media  and their high birth rates.  Ease and acessibility of apps won’t help big media. I believe that their survival lies in their pigeonholing a market place to reduce direct sources of competition; but the media marketplace is becoming increasingly eclectic. The question becomes: how does big media maintatin their viewer/reader/listener base while diversifying content? The answer: Big media must utilize content that has been ‘validated’ through social media platforms.

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