Puck Foreign Folicy

                Senator Obama seemed a bit more interesting than President Obama. He appears to have actually had opinions. But, opinions don’t poll high; and most foreign policy issues don’t poll high either. So why would the candidates bother to discuss/debate ‘terrorism’ or Afghanistan, when Americans apparently are no longer interested? I don’t buy that China has become the focal point in Americans conception of foreign affairs and concerns;  but if it hadn’t, then it wouldn’t have been mentioned by the candidates so many times during the campaign. Perhaps, because the Chinese ‘threat’ hasn’t exactly become tangible, like bombs and violent regime changes, it’s hard for me to accept that it’s on the minds of Americans more than actual bombs and regime changes. I know that Lou Dobbes, prior to retiring, had been shouting about a Chinese ‘threat’ for a decade but for some reason, China seems a lot farther away than the ‘Middle’ East and North Africa.

               If the Gaza conflict had commenced prior to the election, (although, not good in any sense) our candidates, at least, would have been forced to discuss their positions on Israeli and Palestinian violence; Polls state that Americans have an opinion on the matter; god forbid.

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