Drone Wars

        Obama is responsible for the killing of a lot of people ,  and good for him, if that’s what he wants. The bottom line is, however, (I hate that metaphor), besides scaring the crap out of a lot of people, he is pissing off a lot more people. And perhaps, people who approve of drone tactics believe that the playing field is a bit more fair, considering our ‘enemy’s’ use of insurgent and ‘terrorist’ tactics; but they would feel differently if they were ever ‘bombed’ or if their family members died, loudly and inocuously.

The kids who fly drones are not CIA operatives.  They are fat and happy Air Force enlisted persons who live on cozy air force air fields like the one in Jalalabad Afghanistan.  The whole thing reeks of passive aggressivness. Imagine wasting a bunch of people with the push of a button from a cushy chair in Afghanistan, prior to taco-night or a visit from NFL cheerleaders; or better yet, prior to dinner with Spike Lee or some other pressing event: it’s all very absurd; but maybe that’s why Obama’s hair is much grayer than a few years ago.

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