It’s not Rocket Surgery

              Fox news, although entrancing sometimes like a tabloid due to its crude compartmentalizing of ‘conservative’ politics, does not expect from its viewers a high capacity of an ability to deconstruct or, merely, look closely at (honestly anything) ‘political’ issues, politicians or foreign affairs.[isn’t that a nice way of putting it? : ) ] Fox news feeds its viewers platitudes like, ‘your vote counts,’  ‘support the troops,’ ‘America is the best,’ and others even worse like, ‘speak english or get out,’ and ‘this is a christian nation.’ Without an education, I would admonishingly agree with all of those statements (I think), so I can’t help feeling as if I’m being spoken down to when I tune in to, not only, Fox news, but, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham (whose show isn’t even entertaining like Rush’s) or any random politician speeches/events.  They think that we is dumb. But there is a correlation between the average education level in states, and the color they turn during election results.

            CNN, NBC, etc. isn’t much better at presenting un-dumbed down news, but at least their use of platitudes and clichés is less than conservative sources; and at least I don’t have to suffer through ridiculous boot and outdoor water sealer commercials during breaks.

            Anyway, a long time ago, someone figured out that people more readily digested dumbed down information, or flashier forms of information. Un-dense information is easy to disseminate and communicate, so this probably was not such a conspiracy, as some may think, as it was a result of people’s innate desire to have ease instead of strain. In politics, perhaps this ‘phenomenon’ can be traced to the first televised presidential debate, or even earlier when terms like ‘manifest destiny,’ were code for slaughter Native Americans and/or make them christian.

            It’s not the dumbing down of the presentation of information by politicians that bugs me, it’s that the information presented by politicians is always insubstantial and incorporeal. All politicians, regardless of political orientation speak as if they commentators on FOX news: retired generals, evangelicals. Debates and speeches are pointless, as politicians merely exchange one liners and news headlines—and media outlets dissect this stuff as if it actually does have substance—and people watch and listen to media outlets spew their interpretations of this stuff, as if they are revealing some kind of hidden truths; but there’s nothing there. The emperor has always been a nudist.

            Politicians are only candid with their homies; no one else. All of their other moves and actions, from the ties they wear to their haircuts, to how white their teeth are, are the result of constant polling. Obama, annoyingly, mentions Jay-Z’s name every so often, because Jay-Z polls high with people. Paul Ryan talked about running marathons for the same reason. The things that politicians say and do are not worthy of discussion or criticism, because it has all been scripted and tested and determined likeable and digestible to their voters prior to their saying it.

            I would bet anyone $10,000 that the Romney video was actually released by the Romney campaign; Romney re-entered the water cooler discussion at that point. These are very bright people: campaign managers, Kardashian publicists, Rupert Murdochs and Steve Burkes. They’re bright enough to know that the news functions extremely well as a substantial information source placebo: the truth is that it’s always been a placebo.

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