Although there seems to be an insurmountable amount of humor created by news organizations, magazines, and cable television that satirize politicians and other un-funny political figures, none in the past four years has succeeded in truly parodying President Obama. I believe that this inability in capturing the president optimally comedically, has primarily to do with a systematic avoidance of culturally sensitive subjects that concern the president, such as his race and birthplace.

 The avoidance of these issues by comedians is highly unfortunate—that’s the stuff that is truly funny, mostly due to their being considered risqué and inflammatory. Obviously there is a prohibition against jokes about race (in public) in America that exists due to the opposite being true just a few decades ago. So now, we only hear the censored jokes on television and magazines –and that stinks because they’re not very funny. Don Rickles tried to break through the elephant in the room race joke prohibition, but wasn’t very funny either.

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