I’m very happy that the celebrations following this year’s presidential election paled considerably to the 2008 post election parties: Oprah crying, and all that stuff seemed a bit ostentatious. This post election seems a bit different; perhaps due to the relatively close popular vote; and now due to the large portion of everyone other than Caucasian men voting for Obama, (with some exceptions) the Grand Old Party appears ready to metamorphosize; or at least synthesize into George P. Bushes or reformed Dinesh D’souzas; I’m not sure though if that strategy will work. Rush Limbaugh, actually, articulates this dilemna well, but he’s Rush Limbaugh, so he doesn’t get credit for articulating anything well.  The key for the future of the GOP, to prevent their total disintegration as a party (at least separate by name from the Democratic party) is a an embrace of libertarianism: not tea party libertarianism (for some reason, the ‘tea party’ pushes away minority supporters) but Ron Paul Libertarianism, which was given a cold shoulder during this election cycle. Ron Paul returned the cold shoulder by not ‘fully’ endorsing Romney; this may have actually caused Romney the election, as ‘not drinking the Kool-Aid’ voters like myself and  non-typical demographic libertarian voters felt a bit ostracized; not ostracized enough, however, to vote for George P. Bush in 2020.

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