I’m not voting for Barack Obama or Linda McMahon

   Strange Linda McMahon add.  I’m not sure if I’d call it desperation, but it sure reeks of something….hammish:: Chris Christie will be in town soon to campaign for McMahon. He used a strategy, similar to McMahon’s, to get elected a few years ago. So McMahon’s move isn’t unprecedented.    It just seems a bit….idk… Vichy French-ish? Well, that’s probably not a fair comparison. It does seem, however, that she is sacrificing her political identity (at least as it’s been presented to the public over the past few years) for votes. This doesn’t appear to be a move riddled with integrity. Not that it matters (since Ct isn’t a presidential election highly contested state) but I wonder if this add will have the effect opposite of McMahon’s intentions.

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