I understand why Romney appears robotic

Although I agree with the beating that Lynn Parramore handed to monotheistic religions in her latest Huffington Post piece (wow- and finally), I don’t believe that Dinesh D’souza deserved the same treatment.      

I first registered as a Republican, years ago, after reading (or rather, listening to) Dinesh D’souza’s book, The End of Racism. It presented a staunch departure in ideology from what I had been fed in high school, and in my personal reading. I guess that I would call it something like political deconstruction for dummies, as D’souza’s book broke down some of the un-anchored liberal conceptions I’d formed, at that age, concerning American history, culture and politics. It was, by the way, also a much more interesting and enlightening read than Cornel West’s Race Matters, to which it responded to in length. D’souza’s text painted poliltical conservatism (particularly Reagan conservatism) as the bonding agent of America’s many pieces.

It wasn’t until years later that I began to find cracks in D’souza’s arguments and in political conservatism in general. There is something about having an education past high school that makes conservatism and Republican tenants seem very non-appealing and illogical.. stupid, frankly.   I understand now that conservatism is something that has to be practiced, like religion on more days than just Sundays– for no other reason than that it’s being practiced on a wide scale probably is the only remedy for western civilization; it’s not something that adheres naturally, especially to educated persons.

So when I hear that Dinesh D’souza was caught with a  woman (not his wife) in a hotel room, or that Rush Limbaugh is an opiate addict, or that Strom Thurman impregnated his African American Maid, I am not shocked.  I understand that it is impossible to be an actor at all times; the real person, the real educated person whose principles have become ambiguous due to college and aging, must seep through on occasion. It’s possible to be an educated American and believe in conservatism, or conservative politics, but it is impossible to live that way: absolutely impossible.

And now I’m registered as an Independent.




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