Stay Gold, Henrique Capriles…… Stay Gold

         Venezuela’s elections are to be held on October 7. Good for them. Supposedly, the US stock markets  may be affected, depending on the Venezuelan election outcome and the fear, supposedly, of civil strife (civil war—seriously?) being an after effect. Interestingly, many Cuban workers, and physicians, are deserting Venezuela in anticipation of Chavez’ defeat. Meanwhile, Venezuela has experienced a bump in its production of oil due to Middle East strife. Good for them.

            Two debates and a few weeks to go, and it doesn’t seem that there is much at stake at all (at least compared to other contentious elections) in the US presidential election, except for a potential shift in ‘commander in chief’ political ‘ideologies.’ We shouldn’t expect civil wars, escaping foreign workers, or a bump in our natural fossil fuel production.  But………. is Romney’s hair really greasy, or is it just my imagination?

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