Wheels on his feet


               Poor Big Bird. My daughter is three years old, as of a few days ago, so I am pretty up-to-date on Sesame Street. It appears that Caroll Spinney will retire soon and that Matt Vogel will take on manning the full body Big Bird Muppet costume, full time. It’s interesting that Big Bird has become the symbol of, not only PBS, but of all public broadcasting networks and agencies—and a scapegoat for republicans and Romney. It’s kind of absurd, actually—and weird that a Muppet’s name would be used during a US presidential debate. It’s absurd and weird that that’s the part of the debate that is most relevant for people like me—who find Jim Henson’s Muppets somehow more substantial and corporeal than politics and politicians. With the Muppets, at least, there’s no pretending that there’s a man in a costume, or a man with his hand in a piece of fabric, cloth and plastic.

            Federal money that goes to PBS is “one one hundredth of one percent of the federal budget, says PBS. So what’s Romney talking about? I bet that Romney can’t even roller-skate:

“He never wants to stop because it feels so neat to zip down the street with wheels on his feet.”

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