Obama has 99 Problems but the Media isn’t One

     Frank Schaeffer, in his Huffington Post Blog, states that even if Jesus was the republican presidential candidate, with Abraham Lincoln as his running mate, they would still lose the election.  His article title is more interesting than the article, however, which mulls for too long over the failure of the republican party to do just about everything, from mitigating the tensions in the Middle East, to choosing an effective presidential candidate. From the article headline, the casual reader (like myself) wouldn’t realize that the author’s viewpoints are pointedly conservative, but instead would assume that the article fit into the usual left of center Huffington Post criteria. This article does both, due to its bombastic title, but religiously conservative dialect.

            On Sunday on Fox news, Chris Wallace asked Paul Ryan why he and Romney were losing, insofar as polls showed, despite the devastating state of the US economy and unemployment rate. This appears to be a tough jab from Wallace and Fox news at Ryan and the Romney campaign, which does not need any more tough jabs.  Ryan, of course, did not have a substantial answer for Wallace, whose interviewing style, in this instance, would have fit better in a CBS evening news magazine.

            If the republicans can’t even get help from Fox news, then the show may be over; because let’s face it, who reads entire articles on Huffington Post?

Oh, and someone has way way way too much free time—like a sinister amount of free time.

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