Mitt’s Mission

            Mitt loves Anne Romney, as showcased by a picture of Mitt on a French beach in the 1960s released last night. This reeks of salesmanship: an attempt by his campaign to portray their candidate as having a heart, or something similar to it, at least, unlike the Tin man or Data from Star Trek—both of whom are much more likeable than the republican candidate. It still is a nice picture, however, despite the irony of his being in France due to ‘missionary’ work—or better yet, non-Vietnam War work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Good for him.

            President Obama has not served in the US armed forces either, and although military service should not be a pre-requisite for becoming the US president, at least Obama did not spend years on a French beach while thousands of Americans died in faraway jungles. Instead, he has spent years in a white house while thousands of Americans die in faraway deserts and mountain valleys.

Which is the preferred evil? Who knows?

            Romney, at least, can say that he’s old friends with Israel’s Netanyahu, perhaps. For certain, though, Netanyahu today issued an ultimatum to the Iranian government: cease production of nuclear weapons or face being poisoned in a French hospital or better yet, face motorcyclist placed magnetic car bombs.

            It sounds like a lot of hot air on both sides—all three sides, counting the Romney campaign. Cooler heads may prevail for a little while, but unfortunately some kind of conflict seems almost inevitable. The question American voters should ask themselves: which man would best lead the American military into another preposterous Central Asian conflict:

Our current president?

A missionary?

Or the missionary’s old Boston Consulting Group buddy, Netanyahu?

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