…who Needs more Friends?

                Ansar al-Sharia, the Libyan ‘Islamist militia group,’ a group who was part of the opposition seeking the ouster of Gaddafi during the Libyan revolution/civil war in 2011, denies being behind the attack on the US consulate which resulted in the death of Christopher Stevens. Initial reports indicated that the attacks were connected to wider protests against the negative depiction Mohammad in a US film, but recent reports suggest that in Libya, there were no such facilitating demonstrations—that the attack was planned—that Stevens was targeted. And that’s very interesting.

            Why would he be randomly selected for assassination? His being a target of opportunity seems too easy a solution to arrive at. In all likelihood, Christopher Stevens probably made someone, or a group of someones very angry and they killed him. Stevens, himself, supposedly felt that he was on a hit list; but why? Did he make a deal with someone, or a group of someones, that fell through? Did he play both sides of the fence during the Libyan ‘revolution?’

            The account of Stevens’, as a ‘special envoy’ entering Libya during the early stages of the country’s recent revolution is particularly bizarre, as he and his team supposedly gained passage via a Greek cargo ship. They then camped out with Libyan rebels (Islamist militias) until the end of the major hostilities, including the death of Gaddafi. It’s safe to assume that his being an American, not part of the media, was a questionable affiliation to the anti-Gaddafi fighters with whom he took up residence. It’s safe to assume that he had no choice but to purchase their friendships. His just being present there during fighting most likely did not totally cut it. Christopher Stevens was a politician, make no mistake about it—and political friendships are generally bought in the form of promises—or pledges of allegiance.

            In May 2012, Stevens was named the US Ambassador to Libya.

            Stevens is now painted as a martyr, but it is unfortunate that the real reasons behind his assassination will never be known, except by him (and maybe the US Government) and by his assassins. It is tremendously obvious, however, that someone, or a group of someones, felt that he owed them—big time.


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